What is Mucinex Used For?

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Mucinex is the brand name of a popular cough medication that is sold over-the-counter (OTC) in most drugstores as well as online. The main ingredient in Mucinex (and many other cough medications) is guaifenesin, an expectorant. Expectorants work by encouraging the secretion or ejection of matter such as phlegm or mucus from the bronchi, lungs, trachea, and airways. It does not usually destroy or eliminate the mucus, it just thins it out enough so that it can be drained more freely during a cough.

It is most popularly taken to relieve the unwanted effects that are produced because of a cold or fever. It relieves the congestion in the chest by making the mucus less thick and easier to cough. It has been shown to last around 10 to 12 hours.

It comes in a few different products, methods of consumption, and age groups. Some of their products include Mucinex Expectorant, Mucinex D, DM, Fast-Max, Sinus-Max and Children’s Mucinex. There are a variety of ways it can be consumed, such as tablets, caplets, cough liquid, mini-melts, chewing gum, and nasal spray. Most of these come in a wide selection of flavors.

People generally need to use Mucinex two times a day. This is considered a fairly low amount considering that two doses of Mucinex would roughly be the equivalent of taking Robitussin up to 6 times in a day. The previously mention many forms (and flavors) of Mucinex also make it a more attractive option that its competitors.

Mucinex has been known to also be used for purposes other than cough medication. A few examples include: singers using it for performing in humid climates, asthma relief, and controlling gout. Some people also believe that taking the drug helps assist in promoting pregnancy – this has not been proven.

Another chief reason for the popularity of Mucinex is that is usually has a relatively low cause of side effects. Apart from dry or “cotton” mouth, many people have experienced Mucinex without any side effect. However, it is not a completely side effect free drug, as it does contain many possible side effects – click here for a full list. Again, the main ingredient is guaifenesin, and if you are allergic to it you may experience a serious allergic reaction. You should always consult a doctor prior to taking a new medication.

"Mr. Mucus"

“Mr. Mucus”

The closest thing to Mucinex’s spokesman is their computer generated “Mr. Mucus”, which is more of an anti-spokesman. He is featured in most of their advertising, including TV commercials, print adverts, and the Mucinex website; he is also shown on the packaging of select Mucinex products. He is an animated, comical visual representation of the mucus in an afflicted person. Mr. Mucus is portrayed as an anthropomorphic green blob (presumably of mucus) with a hat and traveling suitcase. He is overweight, sloppy, dirty, rude and crass. The commercial usually begins with him “moving in” and ends with him being forced out by Mucinex.

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